ghalibdecides (ghalibdecides) wrote in immafatkid,

Cookie Monster

I went to eat a cookie today, and Ellie comes up to me and tells me how her and Rachel had to buy a replacement package because they ate all of the other ones. I got mad and told her that she's a pig, and she told me not to tell my father that they ate all of the cookies. But when she started complaining to my father about how much of a pig I am, I couldn't help myself but tell him. Needless to say, it was a bad day for cookies.

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what a bitch! ok, so she haaaad to go tell you about that, didn't she? well yeah that pisses me off, because ok so i ate a lot of cookies--i watched ellie eat an ENTIRE ROLL minus like 4. so i knew dad would be pissed, so i took her to get some more. it was no big deal, but yeah of course she has to go say something. and i can't believe she went and told dad YOU are a pig. yeah cookies suck now. sorry steph. i know i'm a fat bastard
When did I call you a fat bastard?